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How to Handle Workplace Stress | 10 Great Ways

How to Handle Workplace Stress | 10 Great Ways

If you work in today’s competitive environment, you need to know how to handle workplace stress! Otherwise, you will not cope with it appropriately. Workplace stress can happen when the requirements of a job do not meet the capabilities of the individual assigned to do that job.

Left untreated, workplace stress can lead to ongoing health problems and further stress in an individual’s life. This means that the stress can carry over to other areas of a person’s life, which might damage relationships or lead to further workplace stress, causing even more health issues.

What is Workplace Stress?

Workplace stress is basically any harmful or emotional stress that happens when the job requirements do not match the resources, talents, or needs of the individual worker. Having ongoing workplace stress can lead to poor health and even injury!

What are the Symptoms of Workplace Stress?

Rope Under tension about to break It is important to recognize the signs that you might have workplace stress so that you can deal with it appropriately. If you do not know what to look for, you might have workplace stress and not be coping with it properly. This can lead to health problems and stress elsewhere!

Some of the effects of workplace stress can be as follows:

  • Tension in your muscles
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dermatological issues
  • Problems with sleep (i.e., insomnia)

How to Handle Workplace Stress

1. Adjust your expectations.

We often have expectations when it comes to life. Having too high of expectations or too many expectations can lead to disappointment. If you struggle with expecting too much from others, you are likely to be disappointed. Life just is not made for perfectionism.

You might have expectations that do not align with outcomes. If you are expecting something that will not or cannot happen, you are not expecting realistic outcomes. Predict realistic conclusions to alleviate this problem.

Adjusting expectations will help too! It will not only aid you, but it will help those on who you are dependent. Both parties are likely to appreciate this change!

2. Stay organized.

Being well organized is another way to handle or eliminate stress! Being unorganized can lead to stress, chaos, and fear. It’s best to be prepared for the future when dealing with stress. You can do this by being well organized!

Great ways to deal with this include having an organized desk, schedule, calendar, and to-do list. Consider apps to keep you organized, too! Many mobile or laptop apps are geared to help you stay organized!

3. Avoid conflict.

Boss Pulling tie of angry employee Have you ever met someone who was very argumentative? Did they push your buttons? Aim to be agreeable at work. This will enable you to have more fun, and work will likely be more pleasant with a change in attitude, demeanor, and purpose!

4. Do not multitask.

With multitasking, you are likely to get a little more accomplished, but this can contribute to health issues, such as workplace stress. Doing multiple things at once used to be the proven way to get the most done in a day, but science has shown this no longer to be the case! Focus on one task at a time to get the best results!

5. Exercise regularly.

Exercise has been proven to elevate your mood, making you happier and more pleasant to be around. There are also numerous health benefits to exercise. If you haven’t given exercise a chance, walk the dog, join a marathon, or check out your local gym!

6. Reduce worry.

Worry is a difficult pill to swallow since we all worry a little bit. When you do worry, you are inviting stress, anxiety, and fear in. All of these things can contribute to workplace stress. Consider relaxation techniques when you find yourself worrying too much.

7. Understand your triggers.

What stresses you out? If you have tasks on your to-do list that are unpleasant and that stress you out, consider delegating them or splitting the responsibility with co-workers if possible. Analyze the tasks that set you off, and make any necessary adjustments!

8. Keep a journal.

Writing things out or down on paper is a great way to reduce workplace stress. When you write in a journal, it clears your mind! It also is likely to help you express your feelings and emotions. Consider using a diary, notebook, or journal!

9. Use relaxation techniques.

Man meditating at work There are many relaxation techniques that can help you reduce stress. Understanding and practicing mindfulness is a great way to release stress. Mindfulness happens when you focus on the present moment, not the past or the future. Gain clarity this way!

Deep breathing exercises can also be beneficial. Be sure to take breaks during your workday. You might try prayer, meditation, or even yoga during your breaks at work. These are great ways to deal with stress while you are working.

10. Talk it out.

If you have noticed ongoing stress as a problem at work, speak to your supervisor or boss. They might be able to adjust the amount of work on your plate or give you more appropriate tasks. If you are assigned tasks you cannot do, ask for additional training.

You might find it beneficial to speak to your family and friends about the amount of stress you are dealing with. They might have some home remedies or other suggestions that can help you. Talking things out can certainly make things easier as well.

If this is a persistent problem, be sure to reach out to a trained therapist or counselor – someone who can give you tricks, techniques, and tools to deal with stress. Finding the right help can take you farther than keeping things bottled up inside.


You now understand what workplace stress is, the symptoms of this problem, and how to handle workplace stress. Does this information confirm to you that you have a problem with workplace stress? Are you struggling with this? If so, know that you are not alone!

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