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Tax laws change every year, making it very confusing and difficult to keep up with what you should be filing and how to do it right. Tax preparation alone can be overwhelming, frustrating, and often very stressful. The last thing you want to worry about are mistakes on your tax return, which could result in an IRS tax audit. Instead, you want your tax liability to be reduced.

It can be quite comforting to hire a tax professional to take care of your taxes for you. Making a personal tax consultation with a tax professional can give you the peace of mind you have been hoping for. You know that they understand the forms and schedules that will be needed for the preparation and filing of your annual tax return.

At Borshoff Consulting, you can rely on the training, education, knowledge, experience, and expertise of a personal tax consultant because we are ready and happy to do the job for you! If you would like to be more involved in your tax preparation, you can depend on our tax strategies to work great for you.

We are not only your personal tax preparer, but we are also your personal tax advisor, so we can give you sound advice on how we think you should do your taxes to get the best tax benefits. Our job is to reduce your tax liability while at the same time following all tax laws, rules, and regulations as established by the IRS Code.

Getting the most tax benefits is a crucial part of tax planning and preparation. This means taking all of the tax credits and tax deductions that you are eligible for. Tax credits reduce your tax liability, while tax deductions reduce your taxable income; both can be instrumental in producing you the tax savings you have been hoping for!

If you plan or want to take tax credits or tax deductions, tax planning services like those available at Borshoff Consulting are right for you. We even do tax planning for retirement so that you can get the most bang for your buck – in the long run as well as in the short term.

At Borshoff Consulting, Sherry Borshoff is an Enrolled Agent, a tax consultant who can represent you in the event of an IRS tax audit. She’s able to take on complex tax problems and resolve them successfully! You can count on Indiana’s tax expert to get the best results while following the law this tax season!

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