Tax preparation and tax filing can be overwhelming! It requires knowledge of the right forms, schedules, and other filing documents. Plus, the numbers alone can drive a person insane! Luckily, Sherry Borshoff and the staff at Borshoff Consulting specialize in tax preparation. In fact, they have the expertise in tax services that you need!

They go above and beyond when it comes to getting your taxes prepared and filed; they give you peace of mind during tax season! Borshoff Consulting offers tax preparation and filing to clients in Carmel, Indianapolis, and many of the surrounding areas.

At Borshoff Consulting, we take great care in preparing and filing your tax return. We correctly report your income and tax deductions to make sure you get the most out of your tax return, that it is ready for the IRS before your due date, and that you get to take advantage of all eligible tax deductions, credits, and any other tax benefits you qualify for.

Because of the experience, expertise, and education, you can rest assured that your tax return is in safe hands this year and for all of the years to come. Because all schedules and forms come with their own rules and regulations for reporting, it’s important you work with someone experienced with the expertise to make sure your tax return is verifiable and accurate.

Our tax services do not stop there, though. We also offer advice for tax planning in regards to tax returns for the years to come. We want to help you get the most eligible tax credits and tax deductions while keeping you informed of any changes in regards to tax laws, rules, and regulations. We know the importance of understanding these things.

We work to make sure you aren’t blindsided by new tax laws or ineligible tax breaks that you were counting on. At Borshoff Consulting, the client comes first so that you can feel confident with your tax return in our hands. Our mission is to help you get the best tax benefits that you are eligible for while giving you an accurate and timely tax return.

We value our relationship with you, so if you have any questions or concerns, our mission is to find you the answers you need. Also, we make sure you understand what is reported on your annual tax return. Please check out our other individual tax services for more information, and fill out the form for a free consultation today so that we can meet your needs in the best way!

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