Important Tax Dates

There are many important tax dates to be aware of each year. We try to keep an updated list, but you should check the IRS website for full information.

January 2022

Jan. 14

IRS Free File opens. Taxpayers can begin filing returns through IRS Free File partners; tax returns will be transmitted to the IRS starting January 24. Tax software companies also are accepting tax filings in advance.

Jan. 18

Due date for tax year 2021 fourth quarter estimated tax payment.

Jan. 24

IRS begins 2022 tax season. Individual 2021 tax returns begin being accepted and processing begins

Jan. 28

Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day to raise awareness of valuable tax credits available to many people – including the option to use prior-year income to qualify.

Jan. 31

Deadline for businesses to send out W-2 forms to their employees (former and current) Deadline for businesses to supply 1099 forms reporting things such as:
  • Non-employee compensation
  • Bank Intrest
  • Dividends
  • Retirement plan distributions

April 2022

Apr. 18

Due date to file 2021 tax return or request extension and pay tax owed due to Emancipation Day holiday in Washington, D.C., even for those who live outside the area.

Apr. 19

Due date to file 2021 tax return or request extension and pay tax owed for those who live in MA or ME due to Patriots’ Day holiday

October 2022

Oct. 17

Due date to file for those requesting an extension on their 2021 tax returns

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