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What Is Tax Resolution | Discover The Truth

What Is Tax Resolution | Discover The Truth

Many taxpayers find they have difficulty filing or paying taxes on time or are already behind. This is where they need to get tax resolution. You  might ask yourself what is tax resolution and how do I get it. We will explore these topics to help you make an informed choice to help or avoid tax debt.

If you are having tax issues or have received correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service, you might wish to speak to a tax professional with the right expertise and education so that you can have the right options presented to you.

Enlist the help of a irs tax resolution service if you are having tax issues that have become troublesome in your life. You will be glad you know the right solutions to your tax problems rather than to have them outstanding.

What Is Tax Resolution Services?

man stressing needing tax resolution services Tax resolution services are meant to help taxpayers resolve any tax problems they might have, such as funds that are due to the Internal Revenue Service. Tax resolution experts are able to assist in resolving tax liability issues based on their experience, education, and expertise.

For example, a tax resolution specialist can help you fill out a financial disclosure for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This form lists your business’s assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. This will best help the IRS determine how you can pay back any money owed.

A tax resolution service might be able to not only aid in creating the financial disclosure for your business but also can possibly reduce the amount of back taxes you owe to the government. This would, of course, depend on your circumstances and tax situation.

Why You Might Need Tax Resolution Services

There are many times in which you might need the help of tax resolution services. For example, if you have received correspondence or communication from the Internal Revenue Service, you might be wise to enlist the help of a tax specialist who helps with tax resolution.

Also, if you owe the IRS money, you might need tax resolution services. You do not want to ignore the correspondence you receive from the IRS or forget that you are past due in filing tax returns. A tax expert can help with these matters, and one that specializes in tax resolution is your best bet.

If you owe the IRS money, a tax resolution specialist can help you determine how much you owe and how the IRS might pursue the funds if payment or correspondence is not received in a timely manner. For example, tax liens or tax levies are not out of the question, though they are rare in most cases.

If you have not filed all of your tax returns, it is wise to discuss the matter with a tax professional. They can best determine what your next steps need to be. Also, filing incorrect tax returns is never a good idea, as this can result in further complications with the IRS.

A tax expert can help you file any past due tax returns in a timely manner. If you have received a letter from the IRS about your past-due tax returns, most tax professionals can assist you in dealing with the IRS and responding to any correspondence.

How Tax Resolution Services Can Help

The right tax resolution service can completely assess your tax situation to help you determine what you need to file with the Internal Revenue Service, how much you owe the IRS, and how to best respond to any correspondence you receive from the IRS.

Accountant Helping with taxes A tax specialist can also analyze tax problems in order to come up with the best tax solutions. If the Internal Revenue Service has been trying to collect funds from you, the tax resolution service can help you figure out the best option for paying the IRS back.

For example, there are installment agreements or even an offer in compromise that can help you pay back or recluse you from the debt you owe the government. These options are dependent on your circumstances in every case.

If you are eligible for an installment agreement or some other arrangement, a tax resolution specialist can help you get set up with the Internal Revenue Service. Making a payment plan to resolve tax debt is typically better than an IRS collection action, which might include wage garnishments.

Often, a tax specialist can represent you in the event of a tax audit, but this will depend on the qualifications of the tax professional. With the right tax representative, you can get the best results for your tax situation. They can help you be “current and compliant” with the Internal Revenue Service.

Why Work With Borshoff Consulting?

At Borshoff Consulting, we specialize in tax resolution. We assist both businesses and individual taxpayers with tax problems by coming up with the best options possible. We can help you file old tax returns, negotiate with the IRS the best outcome for you, and help you become both current and compliant with the IRS.

Sherry Borshoff at Borshoff Consulting is a tax accountant and enrolled agent. She has the expertise, experience, and education to get you off on the right foot with the IRS. Also, she has extensive experience with small businesses in filing tax returns, paying taxes, and making other business consulting decisions.

It’s best if you work with someone who can help you manage your finances and pay back any money due to the Internal Revenue Service. Sherry Borshoff has your tax resolution problems cared for with her skills and talents. Be sure to reach out today if you have any financial concerns that need to be taken care of.


If you are ready to enlist the help of a tax resolution service, you should work with the best. Consider working with Borshoff Consulting. Sherry Borshoff is Indiana’s tax expert! She will help you resolve your tax problems and become tax compliant with the IRS.

Her skills and expertise are unparalleled. To find out how Borshoff Consulting can best help you today, be sure to request a free consultation. At your consultation, we can best determine how we can help you.


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