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5 Ways DIY Will Destroy Your Business
5 Ways DIY Will Destroy Your Business

5 Ways DIY Will Destroy Your Business

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Doing It Yourself (DIY) can and will destroy your business!

Dangers exist all around you when you try to do everything yourself.

I meet small business owners daily.

When I ask them how their business is going; most of them will say the same thing.

“I’m overworked and the rewards of owning a business aren’t what I thought they’d be.”

If you are a small business owner or thinking of becoming one, it’s critical that you understand this most essential and important business strategy.

Focusing on the Big Picture will save you from destroying your business

Keep Your Focus On The BIG PICTURE!

This is something that is easy to understand and hard to do for most small business owners.

Every small business owner has two smaller versions of themselves sitting on top of their shoulders.

The “first little you” is telling you that by doing everything yourself you’ll make way more money each month!

The “second little you” is encouraging you to focus on what’s important.

  • Spending time with your most important clients
  • Coming up with smart ways to bring in new business
  • Using your time wisely
  • So that you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts with those who matter most to you

Which “little you” are you going to listen to?

In this blog post, you’ll come to know the 5 big ways D.I.Y. will destroy your business.

WAY #1 DIY Will Destroy Your Business: Spending Time On Things You’re Not Good At

Spending Time Doing Things Yourself (DIY) Will Destroy Your Business

There are those who love to learn and learn quickly and those who would prefer not to go “back to school.”

Which are you?

If you are highly skilled at managing your time, enjoy learning and as a result, can implement newly learned skills quickly; you may be able to do some things yourself.

In the end, trying to wear too many hats will destroy your business!

It’s always best to find a trusted expert who can help you in moving your business toward success.

Mastering new things can take years.

Learning a new duty, task or skill can take you away from what’s most important to the growth of your business.

Don’t allow DIY to destroy your business!

Start by making a list of all the things you presently do well and those things you don’t.

WAY #2: Wasting Valuable Time

Practicing good time management is one thing.

Deciding how to best use the time you’ve been given will help prevent DIY from destroying your business.

Spend time in areas that best grow your business. 

Make a list of those key areas and make spending time in those areas each day.

WAY #3 DIY Will Destroy Your Business: Underserving and Overpromising

You being spread thin by doing everything yourself leads to:

  • Not paying attention to your clients
  • Making good intention promises that lead to
  • You Missing Important Deadlines
  • Which leads to clients leaving and
  • Your business being destroyed!

#4: Invisible to New Opportunities

Meeting new people and networking is the foundation of your marketing platform for your business.

Decide where to spend the most amount of your time working your business.

Step 2 is to remember to stay top of mind in your immediate community and online where it counts the most for your business.

You’ll never meet potential new clients if you’re stuck inside your office doing tasks you can easily delegate to smart people.

Ask yourself each day; “How will I grow my business today?” 

Spend time where it counts the most to do that and delegate the rest.

Way #5 DIY Will Destroy Your Business: Mental Mistakes

You are doing too much and you feel drained, tired, it’s difficult to focus.

Then in steps your worst enemy, “The Mental Mistake.”

Avoid these at all costs because your mistakes will become your client or customer’s headaches.

And THAT is something no business owner ever wants to have happened.

In closing, as a business owner, it’s important that you consistently wear your CEO Hat.

  • Be the visionary of your company
  • Stay focused on how you want your business to grow
  • Spend your time in key areas
  • Find smart people to help you do the rest

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